The Marketer's Guide to Chain Prompting with AI

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  3. The Marketer's Guide to Chain Prompting with AI
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In this episode, Dan Sanchez dives into the world of chain prompting with AI, delving deeper into advanced strategies to enhance AI interactions for marketing purposes. He builds on previous discussions about super prompts and the step method, focusing particularly on how to use chain prompting to achieve better, more targeted results with tools like ChatGPT 4. Whether you're looking to streamline your content creation process or optimize AI for more complex tasks, this session offers detailed insights and step-by-step guides. Tune in to dramatically upgrade your AI skills and learn to manipulate AI prompts for peak performance.


00:00 Condense episode content into concrete LinkedIn posts.

03:35 Implement chain prompts for efficient podcast preproduction.

06:52 Avoid adding new points; refer to transcript.

10:55 Breaking up tasks delivers better results: chain prompting.