Master the Fundamentals of AI Marketing

Five days, five videos, & five custom action plans based on your role/industry.

Course Lessons

This course cover the core skills you need to master AI. While it uses Chat GPT as the training ground, the lessons can be used across tools though lesson 4 and 5 require access to ChatGPT Plus.

This 5-Day Course Includes:

    1. The Marketers Guide to Advanced Prompt Engineering
      This lesson show walks you through all the ingredients you need to craft super prompts that will get you what you want from AI.

    2. The STEP Your Missing To Make AI More Consistent
      Learn how the STEP Method can you get better results every time you use AI.

    3. The Marketers Guide to Chain Prompting
      Unlock the power of AI by guiding it's genius with chain prompts.

    4. My Process For Crafting Custom GPTs
      Learn how to build your won mini AI applications.

    5. How to 10x Your Output With Robust Custom GPTs
      Build your own AI army to automate your work.