Hi, I'm Dan Sanchez. Friend's call me Danchez. 😉
Ai Microskills is my attempt, as a marketer,  to learn Ai and document the journey in the process.

As 2023 comes to a close, I've been reflecting on the major shifts in marketing, notably the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT last year, it's clear that AI has profoundly changed the game. I’ve personally been diving into AI tools, using them for everything from crafting emails to generating web content.

However, the path to mastering AI is not clearly defined. There are courses and resources, but they seem insufficient for the rapid pace of AI's evolution. It's a challenge to keep up and gauge if we're learning fast enough.

I've been pondering AI's impact not just in terms of technology, but also on marketing strategies. It's become essential to understand and leverage AI to stay ahead. With tight budgets in many marketing departments, it's crucial to explore and utilize AI effectively.

Traditionally, I would immerse myself in a new topic through extensive reading, expert interviews, and blogging, but AI's rapid change makes this approach less viable. So, in this podcast series, I plan to interview experts and delve into various aspects of AI in marketing, sharing both my insights and what I learn from others.

I'm excited about this journey and see it as akin to catching the wave of social media back in 2010, which was crucial for my career. Through this podcast, I aim not just to learn for myself, but to help others stay on top of the AI revolution in marketing.

Stay tuned as we explore this together!